Jesus Talks with Nicodemus

We’ve all heard John 3:16 but often we do not consider the entire conversation Jesus had with Nicodemus. That night he spoke of being born again, believing in both earthly and spiritual things, and much more.

Mother’s Day

Christians, how was your Mother’s Day?  Did you celebrate it with flowers, fine dining, and gifts?  Did your mother have a good time being the center of attention for a day?  How about the family?  Did everyone enjoy honoring the … Continue reading

Creation Minute Episode 6: Age of the Earth

Skeptics claim there is zero evidence beyond the biblical record that Earth is relatively young (approximately 6,000 years old). In fact, there is far more evidence than could fully be explained in this 1-minute video from Creation Science Evangelism.

Knowledge Networks and the Tower of Babel

I happened to come across a project today that maps the links between various Wikipedia articles to help understand the categories and topics that users find to be related.  Normally I wouldn’t share such a project on this blog, but … Continue reading