That’s a Fact – Measuring Billions

How much is a billion – or 4 billion, and does that represent the age of the Earth? See the scientific data that may convince you otherwise. That’s a Fact – Measuring Billions from Institute for Creation Research on Vimeo.

Evolution Refuted

Is it irrational to disbelieve evolution? It depends on the kind of evolution you’re talking about. Obviously we see creatures changing and adapting all the time. Yet, can we extend that deep into the past to infer molecules-to-man evolution? Science … Continue reading

The Nature of Science

When we hear the charge that creationists are “anti-science,” it’s important to make a distinction between science that’s based on repeatable, observable phenomena in the present verses making inferences into the past with limited clues. When looking at history, we … Continue reading

The Kings English – 100 phrases in 3 Minutes

Glen Scrivener, an evangelist in Eastbourne, UK and blogger at, masterfully works through 100 phrases we commonly use in the English language which came from the King James version of the Holy Bible. Read his blog for a new … Continue reading

The Origin of Races

Our nation still suffers from racial tensions on a daily basis. A better understanding of the Bible tells us that we are all really just one race – the human race! This video, part of the excellent “Check This Out” … Continue reading

Mapping Social Networks of the Bible

Early this year I discovered a fascinating visualization thatĀ mapped all the connections made between “friends” on Facebook. It quickly spread around the internet with many people pointing out how country boundaries appeared from the links themselves with no borders drawn … Continue reading