5 Surprises in Hell

Regardless of what you think about Brother Ruckman’s politically incorrect ideas, his chalk talk on Hell is worth watching. It outlines the 5 surprises that almost all of your family, friends, and associates will learn the hard way when they end up in Hell for NOT BELIEVING on Jesus Christ.

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  • Magellan

    Speaking of the late Peter Ruckman, why are other pro-KJV preachers against him? His sermons are right-on, and I don’t think he contradicts himself, but as I was surfing the web and came across this: http://www.ruckmanism.org/

  • Kathy Smith Jones

    One could conclude there are many petty minded and jealous people in this world. The preachers that are against Dr. Ruckman are some of these people. He is smarter than they are and that’s a hard pill for them to swallow. No one person has it all figured out but Dr. Ruckman has given it the best run so far.

    • barbie

      I think most of his criticism is because he has no respect
      what so ever for all the new so-called bibles that are being printed . They
      have taken out sooo much of the KJV. Which I totally agree with him. They have
      taken out “the BLOOD” the “HOLY SPIRIT” Salvation and on
      and on. Anyone can do a search of all the things that have been changed added
      to and just totally taken out. These are not just trivial things. Most are salvation
      issues. We should ask ourselves who or what would want to do this. He’s an old Marine
      who tells it like it is and kinda rough around the edges but he calls things as
      he sees them and doesn’t believe in cuddling. Time’s too short that. He just
      wants to get folks to heaven rather you like him or not.