The Vision For This Site

As we marvel at the technological achievements of our time, God finds a new way every day to remind me that the inventors of this virtual universe are worthy only to worship at the feet of the Creator of the actual universe. It’s all too obvious that the internet is often used for anything but service to the Lord. Now imagine if just some of these advancements were put toward the everlasting reward of knowing Jesus more intimately and understanding our times in a way only he can help us to see.

God has blessed me with many opportunities to learn skills that can help in developing technology that puts Scripture in larger context geographically, chronologically, genealogically, and topically.  These tools and the articles posted here relate the truths revealed in the Bible to the world around us so that you, the reader, may be a born-again child of God (if you aren’t already) and an active disciple of Jesus Christ.

God’s Word is relevant to everything in the world: past, present and future. This is why you’ll often see content related to current political events and cultural issues alongside scientific discussions on creationism, historical overviews of Bible translation and preservation, and theological teaching.

As the name implies, we promote soul liberty (a.k.a. soul competency) – the freedom to choose your own religion while bound by the eternal consequences of such a decision. Forced conversion is false conversion. It is only by knowing the truth that your soul is set free (John 8:32-36). It is my prayer that this website would help bring us all closer to true liberty through Jesus Christ.

To get in touch with me, please use the contact form on this site or find me on Google+ or Twitter.