Adam’s Chart of History

Adam's Chart of History

Anyone with even a passing interest in history should take a look at Adam’s Synchronological Chart or Map of History.What appears at first to be a simple 21-page coffee table book actually folds out as an incredibly detailed chart that’s over 25 feet long!  It covers world history from the dawn of creation through the late 19th century when the book was first published by Sebastian Adams.

He based this detailed chart on the work of Archbishop James Ussher’s Annals of the World which itself is an icon of Christian historical research.  I am glad to see it has not faded into the darkness of an old, dusty library. Instead, New Leaf publishing has reproduced it and introduces the work in this video:

If you don’t already own a full timeline of history, this is the one to add to your library.  For the “try before you buy” folks, you can download a teeny-tiny version of it as a PDF to get a flavor for it. (Note: I’m not paid by any publisher, I just happen to really love this book!)