Startup Conversation

I love exploring new technologies, especially the ones still in “startup mode.”  Sure, I like the newness of it, but they also give me ideas that help some of my projects.  Lately I’ve been beta testing a technology that has … Continue reading

What’s next: Graphing the Graphe

For many in our day, to picture the Bible is to think of an old dusty book on the shelf with leather binding and golden accents.  Its pages are so thin you’re afraid you’ll destroy them at every turn, or … Continue reading

It’s about time!

One central idea behind this new tool called MetaV is to link everything in the Bible to a period of time, then use that to perform a search or put a passage in greater context. Today, this is one step … Continue reading

From Business Intelligence to Biblical Wisdom

Let me share  a story about how God orchestrates events in our lives to accomplish his will and help us find our calling.  I started this blog not long after moving to a new department in my company.  The road … Continue reading

Motivated by the Impossible

With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible. – Matthew 19:26b After I graduated from one of the most prestigious institutions in America, the US Air Force Academy, I was filled with pride … too much, in fact.  One … Continue reading

Clarence Larkin Revelation Chart

The Groundbreaking Achievement of Clarence Larkin

Clarence Larkin’s illustrations on the Book of Revelation and Daniel’s vision stand out among his many books and illustrations as a model for us to follow. Continue reading

Finding Biblical People, Places, and Things

I came across a video the other day that does a great job of explaining a concept that I am working implementing in new Bible study tools.  Take a look at what Metaweb is doing: Today’s Bible study tools have … Continue reading