MetaV 2.1.5 Now Includes All References to Deity

Previously only top-end software would allow students of scripture to easily find where God is called “Lamb,” “Word,” “Prince,” “Son,” “He,” “I,” etc. Timothy, the developer of Bible Analyzer, recently completed efforts to tag references like those for over 25,000 … Continue reading

MetaV 2.1.4 Update

The Cross Reference Index has been rebuilt due to some errors leading to irrelevant connections found by a studious reader. This data now only includes references from the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge and excludes other cross reference sources. This and all … Continue reading

MetaV 2.1.2 Update

This update is primarily for the tables defining People and their relationships.  I have made the following changes for this version: Added siblings where only one parent is known (over 4,000 new records) Split Daughters of Lot into “older” and … Continue reading

MetaV 2.1.1 Update

I have recently made a few updates to MetaV.  In the near future I will begin posting a detailed roadmap to lay out what improvements are planned in the short-term and long-term future.  Here are the updates in this version … Continue reading

MetaV 2.0 Now Available

MetaV 2.0 is now available to download as an Access database or as a group of csv files.  I have attempted to make it as easy as possible to understand the structure of the data, but feel free to leave … Continue reading

Progress Update

A lot has progressed since I first posted the central parts of MetaV.  At that time, I had only converted and indexed the text of the Bible itself.  Since then, I’ve managed to add cross references, topics, time lines, readability … Continue reading

A New Bible Translation for the Information Age

There is a lot of work being done in the area of Bible translation to reach people of different languages.  One language we typically don’t think about is the digital language read by computers.  We have many options available to … Continue reading