ChurchMag Top 20 and A Note to New Readers

Today, a popular church tech blog, ChurchMag, listed my site as number 14 on their 2012 list of “Top 20” blogs in that class based on website stats, social media networks, and Google PageRank.  Newcomers here may be wondering how this site fits in … Continue reading

Knowledge Graph

Imagine This for Bible Search

Just watch this video, read Google’s write-up, and imagine a similar search tool designed to explore Bible knowledge.  Then, you’ll understand the idea behind MetaV.  But please remember…I’m not Google, so it’s going to take a while to get this … Continue reading

Data-Driven Hermeneutics

One’s approach to Bible study has great influence on a person’s views about God and our relationship with him. The set of guidelines I prefer and recommend would be what’s generally known as the inductive bible study method. I find … Continue reading

What’s next: Graphing the Graphe

For many in our day, to picture the Bible is to think of an old dusty book on the shelf with leather binding and golden accents.  Its pages are so thin you’re afraid you’ll destroy them at every turn, or … Continue reading

MetaV 2.0 Now Available

MetaV 2.0 is now available to download as an Access database or as a group of csv files.  I have attempted to make it as easy as possible to understand the structure of the data, but feel free to leave … Continue reading

Progress Update

A lot has progressed since I first posted the central parts of MetaV.  At that time, I had only converted and indexed the text of the Bible itself.  Since then, I’ve managed to add cross references, topics, time lines, readability … Continue reading

Quality Interaction

I’ve been out shopping for cars recently, and it has reminded me of one of the shortcomings I’ve noticed among Christian websites I tend to visit. As usual, I intend to fill this gap through our efforts at Let … Continue reading

Using technology to present biblical truth

I graduated from the US Air Force Academy with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  Since then, I have held several positions in the military, business world, and in Christian ministry.  In each role, I have found ways to work with … Continue reading