Using the Bible to Prove the Bible: Evidence from Prophecy

How can we know the Bible is of supernatural origin, and what makes it different from any other holy book that people claim to be from God?  To answer this question, many focus on evidence we find outside of the … Continue reading

What is truth

10 Apologetics Videos That Get Straight to the Point (and Right to the Heart)

After absorbing over 50 hours of apologetics lectures and debates on topics as simple as an overview of Genesis and as minute as cave formation in New Mexico, my friend and I had an idea.  We seriously considered condensing the information in our … Continue reading

Multiversions Onlyism

It’s easy to think that the “King James Only” movement is limited to the English-speaking Western world. A Principal at Far Eastern Bible College in Singapore explains why it goes beyond that, and how the mainline trend can be characterized … Continue reading

Grady on Ruckman

According to his detractors, Peter Ruckman is guilty of: plural marriages, being mean-spirited, stealing money from gullible followers, racism, Nazism, and an attempted assassination plot. Whatever the personal sins of this man, his true crime in the eyes of the … Continue reading

Can we trust the Bible?

This high-quality, visually engaging presentation by Mark Spence, the Dean of the School of Biblical Evangelism, gives clear reasons why the Bible can be trusted as inerrant, inspired, and infallible.

How Do You Prove God Exists?

In this first of a 4-part series, Eric Hovind interviews a presuppositional apologist about a most unique tool to avoid the meaningless arguing, and cut to the heart of the matter. Must Christians argue about God and His creation without … Continue reading

Why Your Bible Version Matters

Christian denominations generally differentiate themselves according to their varying ways of interpreting the Bible. Now we are faced with a very different argument over whether the words themselves belong as part of the canon of scripture. Translation committees toil over … Continue reading