Genealogy of Jesus Preview

Jesus’ Genealogy and the Tribes of Israel [Interactive]

When I created Mapping God’s Bloodline, I had no idea what a turning point it would be for this website.  Until then, few had visited the site.  Once a few influential people shared it on social media, I discovered how … Continue reading

MetaV 2.1.5 Now Includes All References to Deity

Previously only top-end software would allow students of scripture to easily find where God is called “Lamb,” “Word,” “Prince,” “Son,” “He,” “I,” etc. Timothy, the developer of Bible Analyzer, recently completed efforts to tag references like those for over 25,000 … Continue reading

Logos 5 Review: Connecting Content With Context

The growth of Logos Bible Software in recent years has transformed their downtown community of Bellingham, Washington.  With the release of Logos 5 they have transformed the nature of Bible study technology.  I decided to do a thorough review of the new version because it … Continue reading

cross reference grid

Visualizing Cross References (Again)

A new visualization reshapes R.A. Torrey’s hundreds of thousands of cross references into a cleverly laid out, interactive heat map. Continue reading

Dead Sea Scrolls Now Online

Most Christians have heard of the Dead Sea Scrolls and their importance to biblical scholarship, but few have ever actually seen them. Now, that no longer has to be the case. The Israel Museum has teamed up with Google to … Continue reading

The Volume of the Book is Written of Him

When I first began exploring word clouds as a means of visualizing biblical data, the result using Wordle was little better than a jumble of words sized according to frequency, with random colors and angular variations to add interest.  It’s … Continue reading

English Bible Version Explorer

I’m a little late joining the bandwagon on celebrating the 400th anniversary of the KJV, but here’s my contribution to the mix. I found an interesting web site called Bible Reader’s Museum which, among other things, has extensive listings of … Continue reading

Bible Genealogy Map

Mapping God’s Bloodline

Follow the genealogy of Jesus from the creation of Adam and Eve through Noah, the tribes of Israel, King David, and finally Joseph and Mary. Continue reading

Introducing MetaV

I’ve spent some time already on this blog talking about the ideas behind MetaV: what it is, why it’s different, etc. Now, the map and timeline data is complete and the first visual exploration tool is here.  This work is … Continue reading

Quality Interaction

I’ve been out shopping for cars recently, and it has reminded me of one of the shortcomings I’ve noticed among Christian websites I tend to visit. As usual, I intend to fill this gap through our efforts at Let … Continue reading

Review: RefTagger vs. VerseClick

For novice bloggers and advanced web programmers, there are two good tools available to automatically create a pop-up showing the text of Bible verses referenced on your site, as in: Rom 1:20. One is RefTagger from Logos Bible Software. The other … Continue reading

Playing with word clouds

A lot of bloggers are using word clouds for various features now, mainly to make common post tags stand out. I happen to think it’s a fad. Like Microsoft’s WordArt, it can do some nifty things but doesn’t really rise … Continue reading

Everywhere, All at Once!

We have come a long way from the days when you had to choose between an unwieldy Bible atlas or else limit yourself to a handful of maps in the back of your everyday Bible. With the proliferation of free … Continue reading

A New Bible Translation for the Information Age

There is a lot of work being done in the area of Bible translation to reach people of different languages.  One language we typically don’t think about is the digital language read by computers.  We have many options available to … Continue reading

A Study of Biblical Proportions

Sometimes we read about an object such as Noah’s Ark or the Temple and wonder how big it was or how it compares to something else we’re familiar with.  A unique thing about the Christian Scriptures as compared with other … Continue reading