Hell Fire

Why Some Choose Hell Over Heaven

It’s absurd to think that some people make a conscious choice to suffer in eternal torment rather than experience the glory of Heaven. Evangelists hardly even ask whether people want to go to Heaven. Most assume everyone wants to be … Continue reading

Startup Conversation

I love exploring new technologies, especially the ones still in “startup mode.”  Sure, I like the newness of it, but they also give me ideas that help some of my projects.  Lately I’ve been beta testing a technology that has … Continue reading

air force medals

Confidence and Consistency

I can recall two experiences, both of which occurred in a single afternoon, which taught me more about handling tough situations than anything else I remember.  It was during an Air Force training exercise in Japan.  The scenario was to … Continue reading

ChurchMag Top 20 and A Note to New Readers

Today, a popular church tech blog, ChurchMag, listed my site as number 14 on their 2012 list of “Top 20” blogs in that class based on website stats, social media networks, and Google PageRank.  Newcomers here may be wondering how this site fits in … Continue reading

Christian Pacifism

Review: Christian Pacifism: Fruit of the Narrow Way

Author Michael Snow argues against our stereotypical politics in Christian Pacifism: Fruit of the Narrow Way showing from a personal, historical, and theological perspective that the biblical position is far from hawkish as we’d assume in this era of preemptive war. Continue reading

From Business Intelligence to Biblical Wisdom

Let me share  a story about how God orchestrates events in our lives to accomplish his will and help us find our calling.  I started this blog not long after moving to a new department in my company.  The road … Continue reading

Experience at a Homeless Shelter

Not long after moving away from the Midwest, I volunteered at a homeless and battered women’s shelter in East Texas for about 6 months. In that time I made a handful of observations about how things were run and how … Continue reading

Motivated by the Impossible

With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible. – Matthew 19:26b After I graduated from one of the most prestigious institutions in America, the US Air Force Academy, I was filled with pride … too much, in fact.  One … Continue reading

Using technology to present biblical truth

I graduated from the US Air Force Academy with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  Since then, I have held several positions in the military, business world, and in Christian ministry.  In each role, I have found ways to work with … Continue reading

Our Vision for This Website

We started with a lot of ideas and relatively few web design skills. It wasn’t until after we got started that God saw fit to bestow upon us the knowledge we’d need to take things further. In the process, I … Continue reading

What Can I Do To Help?

This is the article that inspired us to begin this website. If you are asking yourself “What Can I do?”, here is a good place to begin looking for an answer. What Can I do to Help?

A Poem on Standing Strong

The wind whistles loud and clear It’s howling hell for me to hear “You can move with me or against me But you can never move without me” The wind only whispers some days Echoing Hell’s hounds that just blew … Continue reading