Genealogy of Jesus Preview

Jesus’ Genealogy and the Tribes of Israel [Interactive]

When I created Mapping God’s Bloodline, I had no idea what a turning point it would be for this website.  Until then, few had visited the site.  Once a few influential people shared it on social media, I discovered how … Continue reading

ENCODE project logo

ENCODE Project Explodes Myth of ‘Junk DNA’

Multiple news outlets have broken the story of a project which puts to rest a major argument supporting Darwinist ideology.  It’s called the ENCODE (Encyclopedia of DNA Elements) project , described as a “Google Maps for the Human Genome.”  NPR reports some initial conclusions and their … Continue reading

Scientists Are People, Too

Scientists routinely study people’s behavior as part of humanity’s quest to better understand ourselves and our universe.  Christian theologians use the Bible as their guide while traveling along that same quest.  Since the scientific community has a higher percentage of atheists … Continue reading

Top Scientists’ Quotes on God and Creation

Many scientists today argue that a  belief in God as the Creator is detrimental to the advancement of our knowledge.  Today’s most-quoted scientists, especially in the field of Biology, directly attack religion in large public forums.  Richard Dawkins, a prominent … Continue reading

That’s a Fact – Measuring Billions

How much is a billion – or 4 billion, and does that represent the age of the Earth? See the scientific data that may convince you otherwise. That’s a Fact – Measuring Billions from Institute for Creation Research on Vimeo.

Evolution Refuted

Is it irrational to disbelieve evolution? It depends on the kind of evolution you’re talking about. Obviously we see creatures changing and adapting all the time. Yet, can we extend that deep into the past to infer molecules-to-man evolution? Science … Continue reading

The Nature of Science

When we hear the charge that creationists are “anti-science,” it’s important to make a distinction between science that’s based on repeatable, observable phenomena in the present verses making inferences into the past with limited clues. When looking at history, we … Continue reading

The Origin of Races

Our nation still suffers from racial tensions on a daily basis. A better understanding of the Bible tells us that we are all really just one race – the human race! This video, part of the excellent “Check This Out” … Continue reading

Of course there are Unicorns

The Bible mentions unicorns 9 times. Critics use this as a means to argue that scripture is a collection of myths. Yet, a brief study shows the Bible is talking about an animal that is nothing like the creature of … Continue reading

Creation Minute Episode 6: Age of the Earth

Skeptics claim there is zero evidence beyond the biblical record that Earth is relatively young (approximately 6,000 years old). In fact, there is far more evidence than could fully be explained in this 1-minute video from Creation Science Evangelism.

Knowledge Networks and the Tower of Babel

I happened to come across a project today that maps the links between various Wikipedia articles to help understand the categories and topics that users find to be related.  Normally I wouldn’t share such a project on this blog, but … Continue reading

Bible Genealogy Map

Mapping God’s Bloodline

Follow the genealogy of Jesus from the creation of Adam and Eve through Noah, the tribes of Israel, King David, and finally Joseph and Mary. Continue reading

Beyond Neptune: Voyager II Supports Creation

A common claim against biblical creationism is that it merely argues against prevailing theories but makes no scientific predictions of its own. Physicist Russel Humphreys (a creationist) explains his predictions that were tested and verified by the Voyager II spacecraft. … Continue reading

Evolution and the Flying Spaghetti Monster

In 2005, Bobby Henderson wrote a letter to the Kansas State Board of Education expressing his opposition to their recent decisions concerning the teaching of Intelligent Design.  He claimed to be a member of a parody religion known as Pastafarianism which worships the Flying … Continue reading

Where Did the Races Come From?

The Bible teaches the only true NON-racist version of human history. We are all descendants of Adam. We are all genetically related. Contrast this with the racist theory of Evolution that promotes the ideas that those who are more evolved … Continue reading