The Marketing of Madness

What happens when we medicate a “chemical imbalance” instead of asking Jesus to heal our sinful hearts? The Citizens Commission on Human Rights documents the mad, mad world of psychotropic drugs.

Abortion Mosaic

The #1 Cause of Death Worldwide

Abortion is the leading cause of death worldwide. Last year, 3.7 million people died in the U.S. One-third of them never had a chance to live. Continue reading

Shocking Stat: Number of Abortions Exceed All Other Deaths Combined in NYC

Live Action, a pro-life activist group, uncovers data comparing the number of babies killed in New York City to the total number of deaths in the same city. The data show that abortion is by far the number one cause … Continue reading

Murdered Babies used for ‘Medicine’

Christians, it is time to ask ourselves an important question:  “Would God condone medical practices that utilize dead babies as the cure to a disease?”  Would the Creator God of the Universe, Our Lord Jesus Christ, give mankind medicine concocted … Continue reading

Vaccines – The Risks, The Benefits, The Choices

All Christians need to pray for discernment on the subject of vaccination. Ask yourself: “Does God’s medicine include injecting people with tissue from an aborted baby, embalming fluid, mercury, or anti-freeze?” According to the product inserts, some vaccines contain exactly … Continue reading

Vaccines made with fetal cells causing autism?

New research by the EPA seems to suggest a link between vaccines that contain aborted fetal tissue and sharp rises in autism rates. Jill Stanek reviews the report in an easy-to-understand way. Vaccines made with fetal cells causing autism?.

Obama Makes Abortion a Top Priority During First Week

President Obama wasted no time in advancing his radical agenda to ramp up the slaughter of millions of innocent children. During his first week in office, he lifted a ban called the “Global Gag Rule” or the “Mexico City Policy” that prevented … Continue reading