Why the Bible supports lesser government

God’s Word has more to say about political and economic issues than we may realize. This segment of Godonomics explains the biblical basis for lesser government and what happens when we set up men rather than God as our Lord … Continue reading

Under Fire in Sudan

An eye-opening description of what life is like for the inhabitants of war-torn Southern Sudan. Peter Hammond and Frontline Fellowship are inspiring in their efforts to smuggle Bibles into one of the most hostile places on Earth.

Render Unto Caesar: A Most Misunderstood New Testament Passage

The following article is by Jeff Barr, republished in its entirety from lewrockwell.com with permission according to the copyright statement at the bottom. While we believe the author is in error by appealing to the authority of the Catechism, it nonetheless provides … Continue reading

Following Glenn Beck’s Divine Destiny or God’s Word

The popular TV and radio host, Glenn Beck, is leading what he calls the “Third Great Awakening.” Brannon Howse, founder of Worldview Weekend, warns Christians against joining this spiritual movement which promotes a false God. Following Glenn Beck’s Divine Destiny … Continue reading

Indianapolis Comeback

At least one church has stood up to the IRS and refused to become entangled with the government through 501(c)(3) nonprofit restrictions on speech. After a great deal of struggle, the Indianapolis Baptist Temple is now stronger than ever before. … Continue reading

To Whom We Pledge Our Allegiance

The socialist left clearly and unapologetically seeks government help and control when it comes to our economy, health care, and other such issues. We would be wise to also recognize that the “religious right” trusts in the government almost as … Continue reading

Only Jesus Can Save The Planet

Global Warming has a lot in common with Darwinism. Creatures, like global average temperatures, change over time. Zealous advocates match the skill of politicians when sidestepping any believable definition of how and why such changes take place. They call us … Continue reading

Should a Christian Join the Military?

The Religious Right seems to overwhelmingly support the military, seeing their service as essential to keeping this a so-called free Christian nation. These assumptions are often incorrect, as this article shows from a biblical perspective. Should a Christian Join the … Continue reading

Obama Makes Abortion a Top Priority During First Week

President Obama wasted no time in advancing his radical agenda to ramp up the slaughter of millions of innocent children. During his first week in office, he lifted a ban called the “Global Gag Rule” or the “Mexico City Policy” that prevented … Continue reading