It’s about time!

One central idea behind this new tool called MetaV is to link everything in the Bible to a period of time, then use that to perform a search or put a passage in greater context. Today, this is one step closer to being real.

R.A. Torrey compiled the Treasury of Scripture knowledge which contains the most cross-references of any concordance available.  It also contains a year associated with each passage.  I have taken this data and plotted it along a timeline (below) in a way that I believe will be simple to understand and use when combined with other panes of information.

The concept comes from atomic mass spectroscopy.  A simple strip with bars on it of varying colors or line densities indicates particular wavelengths of an element.

The same layout can be used for a timeline, substituting years for wavelengths and verses for particles of light where BC is denoted with a negative number and the darkness of the color indicates how many verses deal with that year, as seen above.

This graphic is based on Torrey’s book, but in its electronic form it must be checked for data quality and completeness before being incorporated into anything more detailed.  The simplicity of such a view, when combined with details from associated passages and other useful information has a real potential to make a complex, interrelated whole more understandable.