MetaV 2.1.5 Now Includes All References to Deity

Previously only top-end software would allow students of scripture to easily find where God is called “Lamb,” “Word,” “Prince,” “Son,” “He,” “I,” etc. Timothy, the developer of Bible Analyzer, recently completed efforts to tag references like those for over 25,000 words to offer similar functionality in a low-cost program.

Based on his new data, MetaV has been expanded to name every place where God is mentioned by personal pronouns, theophanies, and other names. The updated files are available to download as of today. This is a huge step forward for anyone who uses MetaV or Bible Analyzer and is a true answer to prayer.

Starting from the data in MetaV, Bible Analyzer now offers an Exhaustive Library of Bible People which has quickly become the most popular premium module available for that software. It’s exciting to be involved in collaborative efforts such as this and to see MetaV grow beyond the “black box” of a database. Watch this video to learn more about this powerful new tool:

The new release is version 2.1.5. A summary of changes is below:

  • Added references to deity beyond proper names, including personal pronouns and thophanies in the “MainIndex” table.
  • Added “God (theophany)” and “Holy Spirit” to “People” and “PeopleAliases” tables.
  • Corrected miscellaneous people tagging errors in “Main Index”
  • Corrected mis-identified genders in the “People” table.
  • Renamed “MetaV” table to “MainIndex”


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    Shouldn’t it be MetaV 2.1.5