MetaV 2.1.1 Update

I have recently made a few updates to MetaV.  In the near future I will begin posting a detailed roadmap to lay out what improvements are planned in the short-term and long-term future.  Here are the updates in this version 2.1.1:


Strong’s Concordance

  • Renamed fields (see readme file)
  • Cleaned up StrongsIndex table where some IDs had random preceding or trailing characters
  • Fixed font formatting issue with Greek and Hebrew words
  • Cleaned up definition/description field
  • Added parts of speech (e.g. “noun”, “verb”, “adjective”, etc.) from Theological Dictionary of the New Testament
  • Added language identifier

Special thanks to Nathan Smith for providing a script to convert the Strong’s XML files to an SQL-friendly structure.


  • Added surnames in “People” table
  • Added sibling, half-sibling, and child relationships (note:these could be determined before via a query but I found it’s easier to have them pre-defined in the table)
  • Filled in some missing references in “PersonID” field of main MetaV table
  • Indicated proper names versus man woman etc
  • Added PeopleGroups table to define tribes of Israel and Jesus’ Genealogy.  More groups will be added later.
  • Removed names not found in KJV from alias list for consistency with other tables.  (Some alternate spellings existed previously but do not correlate to the version chosen for MetaV.)

That’s all for now. Many more improvements are planned and updates will appear here as they are completed.