Pastor To Obama: “May The Force Be With You”

You know you’re apostate when…

You quote Star Wars as your prayer for the new Commander and Chief of the United States.

“I say to you as my son who is here today, my 14-year-old son – he probably would not quote scripture. He probably would use Star Trek (sic) instead, and so I say, ‘May the force be with you.”

Is he serious? Did a so-called Christian pastor just give a New-Age send off (The Force definitely isn’t the Holy Spirit of the Bible) to the President-elect in the face of looming national crisis? Is there no outcry? People, wake up. If our leaders lead this nation into error – we will be destroyed (Isaiah 9:16). In case you don’t know, this is exactly what is being planned for this nation as predicted in the Book of Revelation almost 2,000 years ago!

We’ve turned our churches into standing jokes. They have spiraled down so far that your average church-going American thinks that the building he attends is what should be called the “church.” Most people think our meeting houses are places you only go to host marriages, funerals, and Presidential pre-parties like the above mentioned travesty. How can we be the light to the world (Matthew 5:14) if we no longer have light? If you are among born again believers, you are the church (Colossians 1:24). You are to be the salt of the earth (Matthew 5:13). You are to pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17). You are to sow seed and reap a harvest (John 4:36-37). You are to put on the armor of God (Ephesians 6:11-20) and be soldiers for Christ (2 Timothy 2:3).

Lord Jesus Christ, forgive us of our national sin in turning from your pure words (Psalm 12:6-7). Forgive us for heaping upon ourselves teachers after our own lusts (2 Timothy 4:3). Forgive us for pursuing profane and vain babblings (2 Timothy 2:16). Forgive us for equating the Holy Ghost with a pantheistic idol such as “The Force” from a man-made fairy tale (Star Wars).