Indianapolis Comeback

At least one church has stood up to the IRS and refused to become entangled with the government through 501(c)(3) nonprofit restrictions on speech. After a great deal of struggle, the Indianapolis Baptist Temple is now stronger than ever before. … Continue reading

One Man Ministry

George Barna tells us that “Church-goers expect their pastor to juggle an average of 16 major tasks. That’s a recipe for failure.” Could this be solved by going back to the Bible, questioning our tradition of having only one pastor? … Continue reading

Why Modern Churches Are Carnal

It is worth questioning whether many of our church practices are based on tradition or the Bible. Throughout history, churches have held on to traditions so tightly that they eventually sit at odds with their Biblical roots. This book is … Continue reading

Marks of a New Testament Church

A summary of four marks that every New Testament Church should exhibit: The Scriptures as its charter, The Saints as its circumference, The Savior as its center, The Spirit as its conductor. Marks of a New Testament Church.