Negotiating the Debt Limit with PharObama

It doesn’t take long to think of a Biblical example of an intractable negotiation between leaders of nations. Anyone could pick out the clash between Moses and Pharaoh as a prime illustration. Our repeated showdowns over the debt ceiling draw … Continue reading

MetaV 2.1.4 Update

The Cross Reference Index has been rebuilt due to some errors leading to irrelevant connections found by a studious reader. This data now only includes references from the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge and excludes other cross reference sources. This and all … Continue reading

MetaV Bible Explorer

MetaV Roadmap: Software

The ultimate goal of MetaV is not simply to collect biblical data.  It is to make that information easier to navigate and understand.  This is the last in a series of posts outlining the roadmap for MetaV, a database of people, places, passages, and periods of … Continue reading

MetaV Roadmap: Places

This is the third in a series of posts outlining the roadmap for MetaV, a database of people, places, passages, and periods of time found in the Bible. In addition to a concordance, the back of your Bible will likely include a set of maps. … Continue reading

MetaV Roadmap: Concordance

This is the second in a series of posts outlining the roadmap for MetaV.  Previously I laid out changes planned for tables involving people.  This article will discuss changes to concordance related data. Concordance Few things are more commonplace in the back … Continue reading