To Whom We Pledge Our Allegiance

The socialist left clearly and unapologetically seeks government help and control when it comes to our economy, health care, and other such issues. We would be wise to also recognize that the “religious right” trusts in the government almost as much, yet for different reasons. As one example, liberals want the power of the state to protect them from poverty while conservatives seek state protection from invasion. Both of these views allow the government to usurp its proper authority as we surrender ever-increasing degrees of freedom while putting more and more faith in the hands of men in power and less in the hands of God. The end result of this will be all-out submission to a man in charge of a consolidated world government and a nearly complete rebellion against the Lord of Lords (Rev 13:4-8).

We are seeing this end result draw nearer each day. Not a single war we have engaged in since WWII has been constitutionally declared. Because of abortion, America now ranks second only to Mao Zedong’s reign in terms of how many innocents have been “legally” killed. Our President is openly advocating pulling the plug on the elderly when they are deemed unworthy for taxpayers to keep paying the bill (see it on video here ). Our schools are training grounds for atheism, immorality, and belief in myths parading themselves around as science. The daily news is saturated with signs showing our culture’s fast decline, especially if you’re watching mainstream media who are single-minded to such a degree that they often use the exact same catch phrases on every channel.

The responsibility for these problems lies not in those who advocated or voted for the leaders who implemented these policies and programs. It lies in the hands of Christians who have abdicated their responsibilities, allowing a multiplicity of new agencies to fill the void.

Christians cheered on efforts to engage in the Global War on Terror, while all too few were willing to engage in evangelism in that part of the world. Instead of building local orphanages in America for babies who might otherwise be aborted, churches erect state-of-the-art gymnasiums and put on rock concerts to attract the youth that managed to survive America’s Holocaust – all the while waiting around for a Supreme Court that will overturn Roe v. Wade. Churches used to build neighborhood hospitals to care for those who couldn’t afford a doctor. Now we fight for dear life in opposing national health care. The first “public” schools were Church schools. Today, we can’t even manage to get prayer or the Ten Commandments back into the classroom, let alone teach them the evidence that supports creationism or other biblical history. The way to steer this ship back on track is to turn the opposite direction – to repent as a nation.

Shouldn’t we air-drop gospel tracts at least as much as we launch aerial assaults on terrorist training camps? Can’t we draw the scared pregnant woman to a place where she and her future child will be cared for before she walks into the clinic seeking a permanent solution to her temporary problems? Aren’t we able to care for the sick in our own community before Obama forces a national program of taxpayer-funded euthanasia and abortion? Won’t fathers teach their kids the wisdom of God instead of expecting the public schools to teach anything other than Darwinism and moral relativism? None of these actions will guarantee our salvation for the victims of militant Islam, unwed mothers, cancer patients, or the illiterate. What it will do is demonstrate that Christians care more about serving God than attacking the symptoms of apostasy.

When we petition a President or any king-like figure to correct such issues before praying to the King of Kings, to which one are we demonstrating allegiance? Do we get more “fired-up” about standing up for our rights at a Tea Party than we do about falling to our knees in prayer? As a nation and as individuals, we must recognize the tendency to make an idol of the government in ourselves before attacking liberals who act in accordance with their godless worldview.

Some may think this article is an unpatriotic attack on America. They would be wrong. I am simply encouraging you to trust God for your freedom, your liberty, your sustenance and salvation. Do not trust in men or a constitution to protect your freedom or your rights. Do not expect any institution of men to weave our nation’s moral fiber. The only true protection from evil will come when Satan is forever vanquished and Jesus, not the “Shining Star” of your favorite political party, takes his seat in a new kingdom (Matthew 19:28).