History of Iran

As the call for action against Iran reaches a crescendo, it is wise to examine the history of this conflict. Instead of reminding everyone why we should fear Iran, let’s remember that they have reason to fear us, too. We must never commit the lives of our best young men and women unless it is absolutely necessary and morally justified.

  • Causal observer

    Interesting video, I came to some these conclusion in my studies trying to better understand How the Mede/Persian and Cyrus – Who were instrumental in helping liberate the Southern Kingdom of Judah’s “Babylonian Exile”  – Babylon seems to be a life long Nemesis.

    I think that a lot of People do not realize the Ahmadinejad (mspl)  only has about 16 months left in office (He is barred from a third term).  We are doing the same things that we did to Japan to provoke them to attack Pearl Harbor.  This is from declassified Government documents.  

    How do you get a lot of the Evangelical Christians to back President Obama in the next election or to vote for Him.  You attack Iran.  

    It may sound like I am Pro-Iran – I am not.  I think that the far greater threat is Saudi Arabia.  Yet so many of the kingdoms are coming into alignment for the end times.  Libya, Turkey, Egypt.  

    Yet I do wonder when Damascus will be leveled?