Murdered Babies used for ‘Medicine’

Christians, it is time to ask ourselves an important question:  “Would God condone medical practices that utilize dead babies as the cure to a disease?”  Would the Creator God of the Universe, Our Lord Jesus Christ, give mankind medicine concocted from the remains of murdered unborn children?  Would God, who declares witchcraft to be a sin (1 Samuel 15:23), require us to mix mutilated bodies of babies into a bubbling chemical stew as the basis for a growth medium from which we then derive a cure for disease?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, your heart may already be too hard to break (Romans 1:24).

We need to stop blithely following “expert” medical advice under the convenient excuse that God gave us doctors; thereby implying that all medicine must be inherently good.  Modern medicine with all its scientific technology is harboring a satanic secret.  There are vaccines used in routine medical practice made from dead babies.  Yes, you read that correctly.  There are drugs made from dead babies.  Three ‘dead baby’ vaccines are administered to children on a regular basis.  These three are the MMR, Chicken Pox, and Hep A vaccinations.

To prevent this diatribe from turning into a book, we will limit this article to direct citations of these three common vaccines.    The phrase “dead baby” is used both intentionally and repeatedly to allow the depravity of this situation to sink in.  We will then step back and allow both the Holy Spirit and your conscience to work on you further.  If after examining this issue you still condone the usage of ‘dead baby’ vaccines, I must beg the questions:  “Are you really a Christian?  Are you even saved?  Are you so backslidden that you don’t even have a twinge of anger or sadness over the wholesale slaughter of children?”

Before you blow this information off as mere “anti-vaccine” propaganda or the ranting of some uneducated internet denizen, please note that our references come directly from Merck.  Merck is one of the largest and most respected pro-vaccine pharmaceutical companies on the planet.  They wouldn’t be claiming to use dead baby cells in their vaccines if they weren’t actually doing so.  Here is proof from Merck’s own website:


MMR.  Mumps, Measles, and Rubella.

“1. Plotkin, S.A.; Cornfeld, D.; Ingalls, T.H.: Studies of immunization with living rubella virus: Trials in children with a strain cultured from an aborted fetus, Am. J. Dis. Child. 110: 381-389, 1965.”

Please note that this reference directly states the rubella strain is cultured from a dead baby.  Merck makes no attempt to hide the fact that a baby was killed to make this vaccine.


Chicken Pox.

“introduced into human embryonic lung cell cultures.”

The only way to get a human embryonic lung cell is to kill an embryonic human.  (i.e. a baby).  Why are using  dead baby cells in order to fight a disease that is almost always harmless?”


Hepatitis A.

“human MRC-5 diploid fibroblasts”

MRC-5, which you can look up online, is code for a particular baby murdered in 1966.  Evil people will quip:  “but they’re only using a baby already long dead, they’re not using new victims.” This may be true for the current vaccine, but common sense will tell you that if they were using dead babies in experiments in 1966, then they are still using dead babies in products today (such as women’s skin cream).


You are probably thinking: “What kind of crazy conspiracy theory is this?”  Modern drug companies wouldn’t use deceased children for medicine, you may object. I’m sorry, folks, it’s time to face the reality published by the vaccine producers themselves.  Modern medicine has been making vaccines from dead babies for years. The modern medical community that sings the praises of these vaccines has practitioners among them that have killed 50 million babies in America since the 1970s without shedding a tear.  Only the atheistic dictators Mao and Stalin are alleged to have killed more people!

Now that we’re finally awakening to the evils of this world, let’s ask another question.  Is it possible that these vaccines made from dead babies are actually harmful to our children?  Is it possible that the explosion in immunological and nervous system diseases in modern times is actually a physical response of God’s perfectly created human body as it attempts to purge itself of toxins such as dead baby vaccines?  Is it possible that injecting dead baby vaccines into the bloodstream of living children is such an abomination that God would allow the injected child to die in order to shed light on this evil practice?

Here and here are two articles that are a good place to start when answering this question. Please do not shirk your responsibilities.  God tells us that parents, not doctors or insurance agencies, are responsible for the welfare of their children (1 Timothy 5:8).

Let me end on a word for the wise.  Mothers have a tendency to mentally short-circuit when faced with the reality that they are voluntarily harming their own children by injecting them with a chemical witch’s brew full of cells from aborted fetuses (i.e. dead babies).  Nurses and doctors will naturally shut out all vaccine information they are presented with to avoid facing the realization that they have been accomplices in the maiming or killing of hundreds if not thousands of otherwise healthy children over the course of their medical careers.  Their rejection of the truth is a human knee-jerk emotional response as they try to protect themselves from the weight of their consciences and overwhelming feelings of guilt.  Present this information to them in as loving a manner as possible and reassure them that God can and will forgive their participation in this evil if they will only fall to their knees and ask His forgiveness.