Only Jesus Can Save The Planet

Global Warming has a lot in common with Darwinism. Creatures, like global average temperatures, change over time. Zealous advocates match the skill of politicians when sidestepping any believable definition of how and why such changes take place. They call us to take action, to be a part of slowing down or reversing our impending doom from rising sea levels and growing deserts. We are told the problem is caused by humans; therefore, we have the power to change it if we work together to find a solution to this global problem.

Given our biblical command in Genesis 1:28 (also see Genesis 2:15) to take care of God’s creation, I’m all in favor of conservation efforts. But, many of today’s mainstream Christians have taken this command out of proportion and have bought into the hoax that we are a primary cause of our planet’s impending destruction. That would be true if we’re talking about God’s final judgment of sin (Revelation 20), but in the case of environmentalism sin has been redefined to include emitting anything classified as a greenhouse gas, including the air you exhale.

This really amounts to worshipping Gaia, better known today as “Mother Earth” or “Mother Nature.” It is this goddess we are said to be sinning against, not the God of Creation. To think we could have the power to fundamentally alter what he has made is to put ourselves in the place of God. True, original sin brought about the curse that forever altered the planet (Genesis 3:17-19), but this curse was God’s doing in response to that action. It had nothing to do with our implementation of fossil fuels as a primary source of energy.

With the widespread acceptance of the manmade global warming theory, there is a good chance that those reading this article are uninformed about which facts are fabricated and which claims are exaggerated. Since the most common claim is that carbon dioxide emissions are the number-one manmade contributor to climate change, I shall focus in that area for the limited scope of this article.

You may have seen or heard of charts that show a correlation between the rise of CO2 and the rise of global temperatures. What is usually not pointed out clearly on these charts is that CO2 rises afterthe temperature change. In order for it to have caused temperature increases, the rise in CO2 would have to come before the warming. For a little bit of perspective, you should know that at least 97% of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is not manmade. Even with all the increases in fossil fuel emissions, the levels of this “greenhouse gas” have only gone up a tiny fraction of a percent since we began measuring it. God’s creation is precious, but it simply isn’t fragile enough to be toppled by our puny industrial achievements.

So, what is the cause of the increase in average temperatures (if we can even believe the claim that it is still going up)? We can look to the sky for the answer. It turns out that Jupiter and Mars, along with several moons, show signs of warming as well. Considering that all these celestial bodies share the same primary heat source as we do, doesn’t it seem at least a little more reasonable to say that the sun may be the driving factor behind warming? Of course, this squashes the big dreams of mankind reducing temperatures by driving hybrids, building windmills, etc.

Let’s take care of what God has given us, but let’s also recognize that doing so does not mean we must build a world alliance to enforce regulations and tax emissions on everything from coal-fired power plants to the putrid emissions of a cow who had too much grass to eat. Let’s not get carried away into thinking we’re sinning against God when neo-pagans preach falsely about rising sea levels or lonesome polar bears. Only Jesus had the power to create this planet of ours (John 1:1), and only he has the right or the ability to save or destroy it.

For further reading, I highly recommend The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and Environmentalism.