Perspectives on Iran from an Iraq War Veteran

The Iraq war is now officially declared to be over. Lately we have heard war drums beat louder and louder on tensions with Iran and the international oil supply that comes through the Strait of Hormuz. These events compel me as a veteran of the Iraq war, a Christian, and concerned citizen to voice my perspective.

Iraq bunker sunset

Sunset over a bunker in Iraq, 2004

Our approach with Iran should be to remind them of why they should fear us far more often than we remind them why they hate us. A show of force is not the only way to show strength. Often a clear message of our unity and resolve as a nation can go a lot further. In America, the single message that unifies even the most diametrically opposed political elements is the idea of liberty. Radical jihadists need to only to incite enough fear that we will choose to sacrifice that liberty for the sake of security.

Two of the biggest reasons I agree with Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul’s foreign policy should also explain why he enjoys the financial support of more military members than all other Republican candidates combined. First, he will not risk losing the lives of some of our brightest, most skilled young men and women unless and until Americans display the resolve necessary to guarantee a swift and decisive victory through a declaration of war. Second, our Constitution and way of life face a greater threat from within than from any of our enemies abroad. Our President, Judiciary, and Legislature more routinely and effectively erode our freedoms than Iran’s nuclear programs or lack thereof.

But, this isn’t just some political position or a rally for my favorite candidate.  It goes far beyond any election.  This foreign policy is based in nothing less than the eternal words of God Almighty.  Congressman Ron Paul expanded on this biblical argument at the 2011 Values Voter Summit (and went on to win their straw poll):

Let us also not forget that conflicts in the Middle East are as much a spiritual battle as they are socioeconomic frustrations.  We can wage such a war much more effectively with the Sword of the Spirit (Eph. 6:17) than we can with bullets and bombs.  My prayer for our country, our world, and our leaders is the same as Paul’s prayer to the Romans:

Now the God of peace be with you all. Amen. -Rom. 15:33