Genealogy of Jesus Preview

Jesus’ Genealogy and the Tribes of Israel [Interactive]

When I created Mapping God’s Bloodline, I had no idea what a turning point it would be for this website.  Until then, few had visited the site.  Once a few influential people shared it on social media, I discovered how … Continue reading

MetaV 2.1.5 Now Includes All References to Deity

Previously only top-end software would allow students of scripture to easily find where God is called “Lamb,” “Word,” “Prince,” “Son,” “He,” “I,” etc. Timothy, the developer of Bible Analyzer, recently completed efforts to tag references like those for over 25,000 … Continue reading

Startup Conversation

I love exploring new technologies, especially the ones still in “startup mode.”  Sure, I like the newness of it, but they also give me ideas that help some of my projects.  Lately I’ve been beta testing a technology that has … Continue reading

MetaV 2.1.4 Update

The Cross Reference Index has been rebuilt due to some errors leading to irrelevant connections found by a studious reader. This data now only includes references from the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge and excludes other cross reference sources. This and all … Continue reading

ChurchMag Top 20 and A Note to New Readers

Today, a popular church tech blog, ChurchMag, listed my site as number 14 on their 2012 list of “Top 20” blogs in that class based on website stats, social media networks, and Google PageRank.  Newcomers here may be wondering how this site fits in … Continue reading

MetaV Bible Explorer

MetaV Roadmap: Software

The ultimate goal of MetaV is not simply to collect biblical data.  It is to make that information easier to navigate and understand.  This is the last in a series of posts outlining the roadmap for MetaV, a database of people, places, passages, and periods of … Continue reading

Adam's Chart of History

MetaV Roadmap: Timeline

This is the fourth in a series of posts outlining the roadmap for MetaV, a database of people, places, passages, and periods of time found in the Bible. Timeline The Bible is not just one book, it is a collection of 66 books.  The 40 different … Continue reading

MetaV Roadmap: Places

This is the third in a series of posts outlining the roadmap for MetaV, a database of people, places, passages, and periods of time found in the Bible. In addition to a concordance, the back of your Bible will likely include a set of maps. … Continue reading

MetaV Roadmap: Concordance

This is the second in a series of posts outlining the roadmap for MetaV.  Previously I laid out changes planned for tables involving people.  This article will discuss changes to concordance related data. Concordance Few things are more commonplace in the back … Continue reading

MetaV Roadmap: People

This is the first in a series of posts outlining the roadmap for MetaV, a database of people, places, passages, and periods of time found in the Bible. Much work has gone into developing it, but there is much work left … Continue reading

MetaV 2.1.2 Update

This update is primarily for the tables defining People and their relationships.  I have made the following changes for this version: Added siblings where only one parent is known (over 4,000 new records) Split Daughters of Lot into “older” and … Continue reading

MetaV 2.1.1 Update

I have recently made a few updates to MetaV.  In the near future I will begin posting a detailed roadmap to lay out what improvements are planned in the short-term and long-term future.  Here are the updates in this version … Continue reading

Knowledge Graph

Imagine This for Bible Search

Just watch this video, read Google’s write-up, and imagine a similar search tool designed to explore Bible knowledge.  Then, you’ll understand the idea behind MetaV.  But please remember…I’m not Google, so it’s going to take a while to get this … Continue reading

Harmony of the Gospels

A Visual Harmony of the Gospels

The gospels tell the story of Jesus Christ, each one emphasizing different aspects. This chart compares the topics illuminated by those verses. Continue reading

MetaV Bible Explorer

MetaV Explorer

MetaV makes it easy to discover how each passage of the Bible relates to times and places. Find all passages relating to a time period using the timeline or find everything related to a selected region on the map. Continue reading